In Case You Haven’t Heard

So I’m sure everyone has read about it already, but still. Wow. Anna Nicole Smith is dead.

My sister called me on my way home from work to tell me she was dead. I’m not sure whether to be surprised or not, but I hope her baby lands in capable hands. Like hands that don’t belong to that creepy lawyer guy she was with.

I’m sure I’m completely wrong and it’s just a testament to the fact that I watch entirely too much TV and all, but I’m waiting for them to determine that the lawyer killed her son in the Bahamas, and then he killed her.

Maybe I should layoff the Law and Order in the evenings..

One thought on “In Case You Haven’t Heard

  1. Personally I can’t stand the woman, and if she didn’t have a newborn I probably wouldn’t really give a crap, but I do feel bad for that child. I hear they are doing paternity tests to find out who is the baby-daddy, and then once they determine that the baby will probably end up there. Regardless, the poor child is going to have one messed up childhood most likely. How sad.


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