Hobby of the Week

My new hobby is crocheting. Sort of. I was at a craft store on Sunday and saw some CUTE yarn and thought “I really should knit my neice a blanket.” I really should have knitted my neice a blanket before she was born, but it’s a little late for that now. So I figured better late than never! After all, I can knit a scarf, a blanket is really just a lot of scarves knitted together, right??


Except for the part where I don’t actually know how to knit things together. Minor detail.

So I picked up two things of yarn in purple and yellow and was on my way. Almost. Then I noticed that the directions to make the cute blanket in the picture were on the back of the label. SWEET! And then I noticed that the directions were how to crochet the blanket, not knit the blanket. While I’m pretty sure I could “wing it” for a blanket I really want this to be something I do right. So I bought one of those “teach yourself to crochet” kits and figured if I can knit a scarf surely I can crochet a blanket!

The real trick will be doing a whole blanket before I lose interest. After learning to knit I made 2 whole scarves and I have 2 scarves in progress. It’s been 3 years. Short attention span, what??

So wish me luck. I’ll keep you all informed of my progress as I’m sure my ability to crochet will facinate and masses. You’ll all totally be coming back every day to check my progress. And to make sure I don’t flake out on a present for a baby.

4 thoughts on “Hobby of the Week

  1. I always lose interest before I can even finish a scarf. I have entertained the thought of doing a blanket, but I don’t think I have the patience.


  2. HA! No, Meg is not pregnant, but I bet my mom will fall over when she reads that.. Nate’s brother has a baby. That’s the neice I’ll be making a blanket for!


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