I Brought it on Myself

Holy freakin cow it’s cold. I know I said before that I wanted the cold, but I believe I said “chilly” would be OK, I don’t need FREEZING for crying out load! EEK!


I put the electric blanket on the bed because I think tonight we’re definitely going to need it. Plus I love the fact that I can preheat the bed.

I think though, now would definitely be the time to whip out my ridiculously cute sweater.. the same sweater that Meg actually asked if I’d worn yesterday. Like she was worried it was so stylish I wouldn’t be caught dead in it if she didn’t force me to wear it. I am such a fashion victim.

3 thoughts on “I Brought it on Myself

  1. Dave – I DO have really cute shoes to go with the sweaters! 🙂 If you’re lucky I’ll try and post a picture, but I’d hate for everyone to be overwhelmed by all the CUTE.


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