Snow Days

Today really made me miss snow days in school. I woke up this morning, excited about the potential for snow, I watched the school closings on TV and thought about when I was younger and staying home and making snowmen and playing in the snow in the evening as soon as it started falling because we knew school would be cancelled so who needs sleep?

I went into work at 8 and it started snowing and I probably spent half the morning looking out the window wishing I was out there. So I downloaded my files, got my system set up and was out of there be around 10 going to work from home to hopefully avoid whatever ice was going to follow.

I came home and booted up my laptop to start working, staring out the window at the snow, you could hear the kids yelling and see them playing outside down the street. I saw a few kids with a sled although honestly I have no idea what they were thinking because there wasn’t that much snow and I don’t know of any good hills around here.

And then around 11ish it changed from big white flakes to rain. Crappy cold rain that washed the snow away.

I keep hoping one of these days we’ll get a good snow. Admittedly this is probably the most/best actual snow we’ve had here in a while, but I want more. I want a few more inches, an actual blanket of snow and snow angels and snowballs and dogs up to their elbows in snow. Maybe I should be careful what I wish for, but I can’t help but wish for snow!

2 thoughts on “Snow Days

  1. Lisa

    I worked from home too, then my husband’s office got off early and went to sleep in front of me on the couch…while I continued to work!! But like you, I’m hoping we’ll get those FEW inches that stay around at least a day…so everyone can play!!


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