Ah Monday.. How I Hate Thee

Let me count the ways…

1. Holy crap it’s cold and windy.
2. Gas light came on 20 miles early so I had to stop on my way into work
3. Route I took to work to make it more convenient to get gas took an extra 15 minutes on the drive due to traffic
4. Inconsiderate driver in work parking lot who turned down the lane I was in, onto my side of the road and then turned right in front of me to park as I hit the breaks. Didn’t even acknowledge me. Asshole.
5. Office badge burried so deep in purse I thought it must still be in the car so I walked back to the car only to wind up digging through purse again.

The good news is the work day is over and now I can hang out at home. Where it’s safe.

2 thoughts on “Ah Monday.. How I Hate Thee

  1. Oh man there must have been some trolls out last night stealing gas. I had to do a complete 180 this morning right before I was going to get on the beltline because my light came on. So I froze my butt off getting gas and ended up being about 7 minutes late for work. Stupid Mondays!!


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