Vertigo is AWESOME!

Yeah, so this morning after my shower when I went to flip my head over to put the towel on my hair I almost fell over. Welcome back, vertigo.

I have it every now and then but normally it’s pretty mild. This morning though it was pretty awful so I wound up working from home. I didn’t really think I was in any condition to be driving much less attempting to walk around the office and not tip over. I’m hoping it will be better by tomorrow because I really don’t want to spend another afternoon glued to the sofa (who thought I’d ever say that?!).

I think this time it’s caused by congestions so I’ve been taking some decongestants and I guess it seems to be helping. I’m holding a good thought for tomorrow!

Maybe some new shoes would make me feel better….


6 thoughts on “Vertigo is AWESOME!

  1. Traci

    As a vertigo pro (nearly 12 years and counting)…Antihistamines are the way to go.
    If you have to function (ie work), you can get the liquid kind and take 1/2 or a quarter of the dose. For me this helps a lot. Something called meclizine is usually prescribed and is readily available as the ingredient in less drowsy Dramamine (don’t let the less drowsy fool you).


  2. Traci – trust me, the “less drowsy” doesn’t fool me! 🙂 I have to take it to fly and usually makes me kind of fuzzy. Today wasn’t bad though, and I have a prescription for antivert now that I need to get filled!


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