Piggy Slivers

Today at the grocery store I bought something for the dogs called “piggy slivers”. Usually when we have company (which isn’t very often) we give the dogs pig ears to distract them while they adjust to having guests. Usually by the time they finish the ear they’re calm-ish and ready to hang out. Since they’ve been SO good lately I’ve decided it’s time to upgrade to smaller treats. Well.. I guess it’s not so much an upgrade if you’re the dog,  but it means their behavior is improving and that’s great!

I also got them some sort of weird chicken thing that really looks like freeze dried chicken breasts. REALLY gross. Not as gross as the burnt-steak looking treats that I did not buy, but when I finally crack open the chicken breast things I’ll post a picture because they’re really that disturbing.

And now for something completely unrelated…

So far since making my New Years resolution I have actually worn cute shoes twice. While I personally find my converse adorable I’m pretty sure I’m the only one so they won’t count. Tomorrow I’m going to try to wear another cute pair. Then I’d be on a roll! Although while I was looking for shoes online (because there’s nothing wrong with  looking) I found these shoes (in yellow) that I really think I have to have. Nate does not agree. Go figure. Of course it might have something to do with the pair that I have that are almost exactly like those except a lowish heel instead of a wedge and in red.. but really I think I’m the only one that noticed that.

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