New Years Resolution

Ok, so originally I was not going to have a New Years resolution. They’re always the same “eat healthy, lose weight, get in shape, build muscle, give up soda” and I always fail miserably. So I decided why bother. I could try to get in shape without announcing it as my goal so that when I fail miserably I won’t feel quite so stupid.

Then last night.. Last night as I was standing in my closet looking for shoes to wear to dinner (we had dinner with some of Nate’s friends in high school who somehow ended up coming here from Louisville, but that’s not the importan part). The important part is where I was standing, looking at all of my CUTE shoes and realizing how often I wear them.

Otherwise known as “never”.

And that’s when I decided, my New Years resolution this year is going to be to wear more cute shoes. Then maybe if Iwear them more often I can actually justify buying them more often. Maybe. That part might just be wishful thinking, but seriously, so many cute shoes with so little exposure! Something must be done!

So be ready, my cute shoes are making a comeback!

3 thoughts on “New Years Resolution

  1. Haha I thought you were going to say something like “I’m going to get rid of some of these shoes that I bought and never wore once, ever, and that way save money to buy better stuff for me and Nate!” I guess that’s wishful thinking from a guy’s perspective. hehe


  2. Ha! It would NOT save money to get rid of shoes! Not buying new ones (which likely, I won’t be getting many/any new ones) might save a little, but getting rid of cute shoes would just be a waste!


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