Surprise! Snow!

Look! It’s a great excuse for me to show off my dogs in their ADORABLE vests from Old Navy.

I’m working from home right now, not beacuse I think the roads are bad necessarily, but beacuse I think my fellow drivers are bad. So maybe when the roads clear I’ll go in later, or maybe I’ll just work from home all day so my kids can play in the snow.

Not that it took a lot of convincing for me to stay home today. I’ve been watching the news since like 6:10 and when they said “if you can stay home, do” I said “OK!” and really I’m just doing my part to keep the streets clear.. you know.. fewer people, fewer accidents, smaller chance of being stuck on the roads for 2.5 hours going 3 miles and all that.


So anyways, back to work! I hope everyone else in the area is enjoying the snow while we have it!