iPhone Drama!

Ok so I know everyone has seen the iPhone and it seems pretty neat and all, but tonight my honey asked if I’d heard about the lawsuit.. of course I hadn’t and I’m kind of surprised I hadn’t but whatever.

Basically Apple is being sued by Cisco for trademark infringement of “iPhone” which Cisco has owned since 2000. What makes it even more interesting is the part where Cisco is saying that Apple went so far as to create a phony foreign company to get around it.

I just thought that was kind of interesting. Kind of makes me not like Apple so much.. that they were in talks with Cisco, just had to send back some paperwork or something before the release but just didn’t do it. I mean obviously everyone would associate iAnything with Apple, but I think it was pretty self important of Apple to go ahead with it like they just don’t care.

Anyways, just my two cents.

Man I posted a lot today. I wouldn’t expect too much from me over the next couple of days, I think my brain is full.

One thought on “iPhone Drama!

  1. Well there are always two sides to the same story. Apparently there is a lot of doubt as to whether or not Cisco lost the rights to the iPhone trademark. http://blogs.zdnet.com/Burnette/?p=236

    That’s a good article and if all his sources are correct, then I don’t blame Apple one bit. Why pay another company millions and millions of dollars for something when they don’t even own it?

    The story is also being reported in one of England’s largest news sources as well – http://www.theregister.co.uk/2007/01/17/cisco_iphone_trade_mark_under_threat_in_us/


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