Investigational Birth Control

Ok I just saw a commercial looking for volunteers to sign up for a medical study evaluating the effectiveness of an investigational birth control.

Umm, what?!

Sure, let me sign up.. then what? I take an “investigational birth control pill”, wind up pregnant and they decide the pill is ineffective?

I just think that’s a strange thing to sign up for.. I mean babies are kind of permanent and you’d think if they were ready to have one then they wouldn’t want birth control at all, or if they wanted to not have one and the birth control didn’t work they’d be pissed. Maybe I’m missing something somewhere, I just thought it was odd!

Just thought I’d share.

3 thoughts on “Investigational Birth Control

  1. That IS odd. I guess if they’re paying enough for the study participants, then someone might be willing to risk it. I wonder too what the conditions are. Like say, are they not allowed to use condoms while doing the study? Because then you couldn’t really test the effectiveness!


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