It’s Monday. Again.

How does this keep happening?! Why can’t it be Saturday again?

So anyways, whining asside, today was the first day in the new building and I have a few thoughts about it

1. Pretty
2. Close (5 minutes of my drive time.. heck yeah, baby!)
3. Vending machine that has regular Dr. Pepper in addition to Diet Dr. Pepper
4. No.More.Newguy. Can I get a “hells yeah!””
5. I have to relearn how to ignore my surroundings because welcome to cubeland!

Also, did anyone watch 24 last night??? Does anyone else watch 24?! Holy crap, Jack Bauer is my hero. And it’s on again tonight, which is almost a dillema for me because hello, Golden Globes are on and celebrity gossip whores like me love stuff like that.. but I can’t miss Jack Bauer. I’ll just look at all the pretty pictures tomorrow.