A Lot of Nothing

Ok, I know I did a crappy job of posting this week. I was all like “De-Lurking week, everyone comment!” and then I didn’t really give anyone anything to comment on. GO ME!

So thanks to everyone who left a comment, I know it’s silly but I enjoy getting them. A lot. Probably more than is normal and healthy, but whatever. Yay comments!

Anyways, it’s not that I’ve been especially busy this week, just especially lazy and boring. Nate has started taking some classes so I’m on my own for a few nights a week. I’m trying to find things to do in the evenings to keep myself busy but mostly this week I’ve just been watching my X-Files season 1 DVD.

Man do I know how to have a good time!

Then this week while I was working I stumbled across a website that kind of looks like a women’s home improvement page: www.bejane.com, and it looks pretty cool! I think while Nate is in class I’m going to start trying to do little things around the house.. little things like refinishing the cabinets. I’ll start with the downstairs bathroom though because if I screw up the cabinets in the half bath, well we were considering putting in a pedistal sink at some point anyways.. no time like the present, right??

So be prepared, Mom, there might be some faux-painting in your future! 🙂

(My mom is totally a lurker)

Oh, and just think.. if I do start refinishing cabinets it’ll be all I’ll talk about for probably days and days, won’t that be FUN!

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