The Morning Hell Froze Over

Wednesday morning at breakfast Layne walked over to her dish, took one sniff of her chow and walked away, food untouched. Snub asside her eating habits have really been kind of hit or miss since we got back from Ohio.

I am a worrier. Big time, major, all consuming worrier. Obsesser even. Here are the conclusions I have come to (and rejected, and gone back to, and rejected again etc..) 

1. She was anxious about coming home after the 6 days they were abandoned (ABANDONED I tell you!) to play with other dogs ALL DAY. OH THE HORROR! Did I mention Layne is a drama queen?
2. Her tummy didn’t feel well and she didn’t feel like eating (unless it was a treat)
3. Her jaw hurt from when she sneezed and slammed her face on the kitchen floor.
4. She’s decided she hates the taste of her chow and is holding out for something better.

The latest theory I’m working on involves her maybe having a cold, or her sense of smell. Anyone else experienced anything like this with a pet? She won’t touch the “bland diet” which consists of chicken rice and yogurt (which she normally loves), she won’t touch her chow, she’ll eat a couple kibbles of Gouda’s chow but she’ll eat all treats and when I put some of that “gravy” stuff that iams makes over her chow she ate like 95% of it. So I wonder if her sense of smell is off and she can’t identify some of the stuff as food but since the gravy has such a strong smell she could definitely tell what that was. Who knows.

I see a vet trip in our future.

4 thoughts on “The Morning Hell Froze Over

  1. The one and only time I took Ginger to the kennel, she acted very dramatic when we finally got her home like we had left her for dead. Maybe Layne is just letting you know she’s upset at being left at the kennel, but cannot bring herself to refuse treats!


  2. she could be out of sorts over the change in routine, or she could have a cold. I know from past experience that a disrupted sense of smell will put them off their food. if its been going on for awhile its probably worth a trip to the vet.


  3. Yeah, of course.. I took her to the vet on Saturday because she didn’t eat much breakfast. The vet couldn’t find anything wrong with her, she’s acting perfectly normal so I was told to watch her and if after a few days it continued they could do some blood work… so for dinner Saturday night? She ate all of her chow. Plain chow. The same plain chow she had rejected every day for the past 4 days. What a brat.


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