the Light at the End of the Tunnel

I can finally see it!

Yesterday I found out that my group will be moving to the new building in about 2 weeks. On Jan 12 we pack our offices and Jan 15 our stuff will magically appear at the new building and we will unpack. I’ve seen the seating chart, which initially has me sitting with my old group and has newguy sitting somewhere else. In the same area, but not close enough to buy me! Anyways, here’s another glimpse into why I’m so very excited to move and hopefully move somewhere away from him.. A conversation we had today about the amount of time it takes to upload a really huge file onto a network drive…Normally takes about an hour for a file of this size and the server and everything about it belongs to someone who is not me, nor have I actually ever seen the server or any of its components in person.

Him: “Hey, do you know why it’s normally so slow?”
Me: “Nope, sorry I don’t have a clue.”
Him: “I wonder why it’s normally so slow because my transfer now is going faster than it normally goes. Do you know why?”
Me: “No really, I don’t know anything about it except that’s where the file needs to go.”
Him: “It’s just so much faster. Why would it be so much faster for me now?”
Me: “I don’t know unless they made changes to the server, I don’t have anything to do with it.”
Him: “So you don’t know why it normally takes so long?”
Me: “No. I really don’t know.” *resisting the urge to smack him*

So I’m pretty excited because in about a week and a half he’ll have a whole new group of people to make friends with!

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  1. Bubba’s somewhat excited about the move too… althoguh his work space isn’t moving until the 20-somethingth, but the lab’s gone on the 15th.. woot for you guys.


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