OMG I Actually Went to the Movies!

So finally I’ve seen some newish movies. Nate and I just picked a couple up at Best Buy and saw a couple in the theatre in Ohio.

Jackass 2
Funny. Gross. Funny. REALLY gross. Holy freakin cow funny. I won’t lie to you, I had to avert my eyes on several occasions and even plug my ears a few times, but I laughed so hard. I mean who comes up with that crap?! It’s unreal! I’ve seen it twice already. That crap just doesn’t get old! (OK, that’s not true. I’m sure it will get old after my husband and his friends watch the same group of clips 500 times. Until then, it’s awesome!)

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby
Also pretty funny. Maybe not quite as funny as I had hoped it would be, but I enjoyed it and would watch it again.

Casina Royale
Ok, I’ll admit it. I was not thrilled about the new bond. People kept calling him the “Blonde Bond” and I kept thinking “Bond is not blonde, can’t they afford some freakin hair color?!” but I’m guessing the answer is “no” because that would have cut into the budget for the REALLY COOL action sequences and… uh.. other stuff. Really, I loved it. I was skeptical. I wans’t sure I was going to see it in the theatre at all or just wait for video because with all the changes they talked about it just wouldn’t be Bond.. but it was and it was great. Totally going to buy it.

We Are Marshall
Matthew McConaughey is weird. I think he’s weird in the magazines and he’s weird in the movie and really he needs to try to get back in touch with reality and shower once in a while. That being said, his weirdness didn’t hurt the movie for me, I still really liked it.

So yeah.. next up on the list is Ice Age 2: The Meldown which I’m really excited about because I loved the first one. I think it’s my favorite animated movie ever. EVER. As long as I don’t stop and think too hard..

And can I also say how much I’m really looking forward to the new season of 24?! Because America does not negotiate with terrorists.. and neither does Jack Bauer! SWEET!

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  1. Speaking of upcoming shows that I can’t wait for.. Crossing Jordan FINALLY begins on the 14th! NBC Sunday nights! Or something like that. haha damn she’s hot.


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