Welcome to January

Umm yeah.. have I mentioned our RETARDED WEATHER lately?


Because it’s seriously starting to piss me off.

I mean yeah nice weather is nice, but when am I going to get to wear the incredibly stylish very WARM sweater my sister gave me for Christmas, or any of the other sweaters that I got me for Christmas, for that matter. I have boots and sweaters and scarves to wear… COME ON! Bring back the cold. Or maybe not the freezing, but how about a little chilly? Can we please stop having spring in the winter just for a couple days?

2 thoughts on “Welcome to January

  1. kimmy

    i am 100% in agreement with you! can we have winter for just a little bit? and quite frankly i’m tired of people looking at me like i’m an idiot when i say i’d like to have cold weather. hello! it’s winter!! it’s supposed to be cold!


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