Guess Who Inadvertently Touched a Dead Animal Today

Ohohoh! MEMEME!

That’s right. I touched a dead animal. We’re pretty sure it was a mole, because it looked a lot like that bottom picture.

We were carrying stuff into the garage and I moved the v acuum so Nate could put in some metal shelves, and I saw a dark fuzzy thingon the ground. Since I had just moved the vacuum and I hadn’t turned the light on yet, I thought it was a dust bunny of pet fur from the vacuum. WRONG! And yeah, I totally realized it was a DEAD ANIMAL right AFTER I picked it up. And then dropped it. And washed my hands. A lot.

So thank you, kitties, for the very thoughtful Christmas present. It was very much appreciated. Please don’t feel the need to kill something bigger and better to impress us because I can promise, we’re all sufficiently impressed.

Gross, right? So I bagged it and threw it out and hopefully for the short time that it was there it served as a warning to other moles who might be considering a home invasion in the near or distant future.



3 thoughts on “Guess Who Inadvertently Touched a Dead Animal Today

  1. Tuesday – yeah… they are indoor cats! I just put their litterboxes in the garage with a cat door to keep the dogs out of them.

    I’m not sure they’d be able to catch them if they were forced to hunt in the “real world”.


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