Even My Nightmares are Strange

So far this week I have woken up laying on my stomach with my face kind of squished down into the pillow. Every.Day.This.Week. I always start out on my back or my side and frankly I’m not sure how I wind up on my stomach without noticing because I would have to do a full roll to wind up face down and how would that not wake me up!? (Ok, so maybe I am the most ridiculously sound sleeper I’ve ever met, but really..)

Anyways, the sleeping on my face has also led me to have some very strange dreams, which also leads me to wake up feeling confused and not at all rested and really disappointed that yes, that sound really is the alarm and no, I really can’t go back to sleep. Stupid jobs.

And of course as soon as I wake up I can’t remember my dreams.. except yesterday’s! Probably just because it was so strange. I mean really strange. I dreamed that Nate and I were looking for a new house and we had scheduled to see one that seemed really cool in the pictures so I got there to see the house (I’m not sure why he wasn’t there) and the house was kind of neat, but kind of awful. Like downstairs was cool, but upstairs there were steps to each bedroom and the bedrooms were more like lofts with no doors and only halfwalls and it was strange and awful and I hated it. Of course then the realtor told me that my house was sold and we had to be out in like 4 days and they told the people that we would buy this house and I was really upset because I hated that house and it was ugly and suddenly it was priced way out of our price range and how did that happen.

I mean I’ve had some strange dreams in my time, and some nightmares too, but I can honestly say I’ve never had a nightmare about homebuying.. not even when I was in the process of buying a home! I keep meaning to check my dream dictionary to see what this means (besides the fact that I’m slightly off balance).