Five More Days

How the hell did that happen? I mean seriously, where has the year gone? All of a sudden it’s Christmas.. what’s next, New Years? HA!

So far I am 99% done my Christmas shopping (I would say 100% but I can’t shake the nagging feeling I’m forgetting something), I suppose my house is as decorated as it’s going to get this year, I haven’t wrapped a single present although tonight will make the third night in a row that I’ve said “Maybe I’ll wrap Christmas presents tonight!” and I have a feeling today will also be the third night in a row where I go “Nah…” and spent my evening in a tv-stuper on the sofa.

My new job is going well. It’s been pretty exausting so far, but I think the exausting part has been coexisting with my new office mate more than work wearing me down. I like the stuff I’ve started working on although I’m definitely back to the “learning” phase instead of the part where I actually totally know what I’m doing.

The good news is I officially stopped training my new office mate on Monday. The bad news is that since I still share an office with him he still talks a LOT to me, to himself, sings a little etc.. I’m getting better at tuning him out but I’ve found that even if I’m wearing headphones and listening to music he’ll randomly start talking to me and excpect a response. So strange but fortunately it’s only temporary and I’m quite sure I can hang in til we move.

And now after random mind dump, I’m going to go watch the X-Files.

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