It Can’t be Over Already

Tonight we watched the season finale if Nip/Tuck. I can’t freakin believe that show is over already. So anyways, who else watched it? Did you like it? I thought it was pretty freakin good. In case anyone hasn’t seen it yet I won’t spoil it.. I just want to say that I totally knew what was going to happen. I’m sure Nate was happy when it was over because I was all over it during the show “OMG I BET _____ HAPPENS” and then a minute later it would be “NO, IT’S GONNA BE ____ INSTEAD!” and “OMG FLASHBACK” and poor Nate was just sitting there trying to watch the show going “uh-huh”… But really I liked it and it made me want to watch the first season all over again.

In other TV news it looks like House won’t be back until Jan 9 and Bones won’t be back until Jan 26 or something! What kind of crap is that?! WTF am I going to do in the evenings? Oh nooooo!

In other completely unrelated news Nate and I have been catching up on movies over the weekend and we finally watched Clerks 2 and Pirates of the Caribbean 2. I thought Clerks 2 was hilarious! Loved it! I was a little skeptical even though I’d heard it was good.

I also like Pirates but it was kind of confusing and I think I need to watch it again to totally get it. And maybe rewatching the first one too.. Although really? I forgot it was going to be a cliff hanger and when it ended I was STUNNED! I kept thinking “How can they possibly wrap this up in time?” and then it was over and I remembered. Stupid “to be continued” movies.. when does the next one come out?

3 thoughts on “It Can’t be Over Already

  1. We finally watched our DVR’d Nip/Tuck. I really liked it. I think next season will be the last though. I’m not sure how much longer they can make this go on.


  2. Clerks 2 was wonderful! And my name is in the credits. Woohoo!

    There were a lot of things about Nip/Tuck that I liked, and disliked. Its pretty gutsy to do what they did, going in a new direction can either turn out to be really great and refreshing or it might just turn people away. Either way, I’ll still watch it for a while next season and hope that it doesn’t blow. 🙂


  3. Seriously I kind of think the Nip/Tuck finale would have made a great series finale. I mean I’m glad it’s coming back and all.. so hopefully it will also make a good new begining!


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