I Hate UPS.

Ok, so let me just preface this by saying that in college, I had a bad experience with UPS. It involved my BellSouth DSL modem being sent back after them telling me that they were putting it on will call and me having to order a second modem from BellSouth.

I ordered my sister a Christmas present that was shipped via UPS and requires an in-person signature. Being that I work during the day I knew I wouldn’t be here next time I called and had it put on “will call”. This time I wanted to be safe and I thought I outsmarted UPS. At 3:45 before I left work early to drive from RTP to Atlantic Ave I called UPS to make sure the package would actually be there. I called, they said it was there so I headed out.

The package WAS.NOT.THERE. They forgot to take it off the truck so it had gone out for delivery again today. I was dumbfounded. The woman telling me probably thought I was going to flip out and start screaming at her because she was very polite and apologetic and I just stood there like “Wha..?” and said “But I just called, 30 minutes ago I called and they told me it was here to be picked up” and then she handed me the piece of paper that said at 7:42am it was scanned as “out for delivery” and at 3:15 it was scanned as “attempted delivery” and then put on “Will call”. How they missed that when I called them I do not know but they did. I just didn’t know what to say so I left.

So now I’m pissed at UPS. I mean I don’t care that it wasn’t there, I’m not upset that they forgot to take it off the truck. I’m upset that when I CALLED TO CHECK before driving out there, they said it was there.  Tomorrow I’m calling back to verify that if I try to pick it up on Saturday it will be there and so help me god if it’s not there… well.. there’s nothing I can do really but HATE UPS.

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  1. I had hate for them myself, left notes on my dorrs asking (VERY politely) that a package I was expecting be left there. I live on the 3rd floor with one other apartment, nobody goes up there and my stuff is never messed with. Instead the brought it to the apartment leasing office. Which is closed when I leave for work, and closed when I get back from work. GRRR. Caused a lunch trip back hom just to get a package.


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