I’m Bad at Sharing

At work, I’m a “give me a task, don’t let the door hit you on the way out” type of person. Sometimes I have questions to clarify, but said questions are normally delivered in list format via email in case you’re busy doing other work.

My new office mate? He is NOT that type of person. He likes to talk. A lot. While I’m trying to work and he’s supposed to be reading and learning.

Let me give you an example of some of the conversations we’ve had.

Him: Were you a cheerleader?
Me: Nope, far from it actually. I was in the marching band.
Him: I judge cheerleading competitions and you’re small so you look like you’d be good for throwing (or whatever the technical term is).
Me: ….Oh.. nope, sorry!
Him: blahblahEntireHistoryofHighSchoolAthleticsblahblahhblah Were you in a sorority in college?
Me: No
Him: It’sNotForEveryoneandEveryoneisDifferent speech


Him: Are you a Duke fan, or a Carolina fan?
Me: Neither. I’m a State fan, actually
Him: I used to live in Carolina territory but I’m a Duke fan and when I moved to Durham the first thing my neighbor ever asked was if I was a Duke or Carolina fanblahblahblahblahDukeFanblahblah


*Just got off phone with Nate*
Him: I hope that lasts forever
Me: *turning around assuming he’s on the phone (again)* Huh?
Him: It’s nice to hear happy couples like that instead of answering
the phone angry and so many people are just like CAN’T TALK I’M BUSY blahblahhblaahblah so I hope that happiness on the phone lasts forever for you all.
Me: …..Oh.. yeah..


I’ve also heard all about his side job as a realtor, and how to take flattering pictures of a crappy house to lure people out to look at it etc etc.. So I’m trying to be patient and help him along so additionally I’m driving myself nuts. I’ve given him pages and pages to read and he’ll read a few, and then take a break to tell a story or something and he’ll keep talking as long as I look at him, so I sometimes have to just slowly start turning back around and saying “uh-huh” while I respond to an email or a message I’ve got and eventually he’ll get back to work.

Now all of this? Asside from driving me nuts it makes me feel like a BAD PERSON. I mean obviously he’s new here and he’s just trying to be friendly, but I feel like I’m getting nothing done and it’s frustrating. And then I read this again and OMFG I’m neurotic and obsessive and a BAD PERSON but man is he annoying.

5 thoughts on “I’m Bad at Sharing

  1. Hopefully he’s just excited/nervous and his constant chatter will subside. Cause otherwise? How damn annoying. It can definitely be hard to share an office. I’m not a very good sharer.


  2. yeah this guy does not sound like he would be compatible with you at all. I would probably cage up my annoyance until I eventually started snapping in a mean way. thats what I do with the annoying teacher at school who always asks me what I’m eating.


  3. Lisa

    I don’t think I’d be good at sharing either…hopefully, I won’t have to find out. And, OMG that’s so annoying!! I’m kinda like you…with the hi and bye thing…sometimes when someone I like stops by and I’m up for socializing – it’d be nice for a chat. I feel for you – hope he he gets over himself soon!!


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