First Day

So today was my first day at my “new job” which was remarkably like every other day at my job, except I have a new title, and I’m actually working for the company instead of for a contract company. And I had to get a new badge and go through “orientation” which was boring and I forgot my social security card which they need. Duh. So I have to bring it in tomorrow. Also, I had high hopes for my new badge picture, as in maybe this time I wouldn’t look completely retarded. But I failed. I swear those people sit back there and say “Ok, one, *click*two, three” just to catch you looking stupid. Oh well.

Also, tomorrow is the first day of the person who is filling the position I’m leaving. They’re going to share my office. I’m going to have to Something I haven’t done since my former officemate left in June. I don’t know if I can handle it! I have everything how and where I like it. OMG sharing! It’s like preschool all over again.

Also, myspace has finally lived up to its potential as a girl I was friends with in highschool contacted me through it the other day, which is pretty cool. I hadn’t talked to her since I was a junior and she was a freshman in college so.. that’s like… 10 years? Really? Wow..

Also, I have a sore throat. I’ve been mildly congested for a week or so but now there is a sore throat. Is that bad? God I don’t want to be sick! I can’t get sick, it’s only my SECOND DAY of a new(ish) job.

So about those pictures of Christmas lights… and my Charlie Brown tree… yeah.. they’re coming. Eventually. I swear! Also soon coming are pictures of why my baby is the best kitty-daddy ever! (Although he really might kill me for saying that)