It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

I finally put up my Christmas lights yesterday afternoon. Nate came out to watch. I’m pretty sure he doubted my light-hanging ability, but after untangling two strands and putting two nets over the front bushes I managed to get my lights done. Pictures to come. Mostly because I forgot to take any last night and it’s not dark enough out yet today.

I also put up my Christmas tree. We got a little 3′ fake tree from Walmart. It’s very Charlie Browns’ Christmas, but we love it. I just need to get some little hookie thingies now to hang the stockings.

In completely unrelated news, yesterday Nate and I took a day off. I took the day off because on Monday, I start a new job. Sort of. It’s a new job, but it’s with the same company I work for now, just in a different department and minus the contract part. I’m pretty excited, and nervous. I’m going to have to relearn all sorts of crap that I haven’t done since college. WOO!

So anyways, I had one more “floating holiday” left with the contracting company I work for, and if I didn’t take it I would have lost it. Yeah.. that was a tough call. Take a day off, or lose a day. 🙂 It was fun.  Makes it easier to recover from such a long weekend and then having to go back to work.

Today will hopefully be very slack. We just watched Louisville kick Connecticut’s ass, and then hopefully we’ll be hittin the mall soon to do some Christmas shopping. For myself. 😉 And other for other people too.. hopefully..

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