My Dog is Vicious

This afternoon I took Gouda for a walk. Really I only took him out because Nate was taking Layne for a jog (I don’t jog) but I didn’t want him to feel left out.

So our neighbor was out and with her two labs (Duke and Carolina. No, I’m not kidding). Since Gouda always acts like he wants to play with them when they’re in the back yard I thought this would be a good chance for him to make new friends.


Unfortunately they sort of rushed him in their excitement and he started barking and gettin all growly with them. Even though they were very nice afterwards poor Gouda never recovered and Duke and Carolina wound up looking out at him from behind their mommy’s legs. It was really pretty sad. Talk about a bad first impression! By the end of it Gouda was whining and wagging his tail in their general direction, but I was afraid if I let him get too close he’d have another change of heart.

How rude!

Oh. And a gas main like a mile from my house has ruptuerd. Awesome!