I’m Obsessed with Weeds

In case I haven’t mentioned before, we’re trying to grow grass. Every now and then when I walk through the yard I’ll pull a couple of weeds, but lately it’s all I can see! The grass is actually starting to grow and all I can see are those stupid weeds. They’re every where! Anyone know of a good way to get rid of weeds without killing baby grass?

Over the weekend we spent Saturday morning trying to get the leaves to the curb because the leaf suckers were coming. I was sure of it. On a Saturday. Right. So we got all the weeds leaves (see! obsessed!) to the curb, I was all sorts of relieved, and then I rechecked the schedule and it says the leaf suckers are coming today/tomorrow. Nate and I got excited earlier because we were sure we heard the leaf truck, it was on its way.. but so far no truck!

So yeah, that was my exciting holiday weekend. Anyone else do anything fun?

3 thoughts on “I’m Obsessed with Weeds

  1. you are sooooooooo domesticated! we sure have come a long way since the old days…. I just spent a few hours going through old emails so I could enjoy all the interacting trevor and I had waaaay before we got together, and it took me back in a sometimes sickening way 🙂 at least we all turned out alright!


  2. When I saw the title I thought for sure you were going to be talking about the show Weeds. Everyone I know says its awesome and that I need to check it out, I figured you were now part of that crew too. haha. Congrats on the fun-filled holiday!


  3. Dave – yeah, we really know how to party over here! Haven’t seen Weeds yet, but I hear it’s good..

    Martha – I don’t think I have any emails that old. Thank God! 🙂


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