It’s Almost Thanksgiving!

Yeah, that’s right. I’m working from home. WOOT!

My boss is out of town all week, and the office has been SO EMPTY all week I figured going out in this weather would be more hazzard than it’s worth what with that whole “flood warning” thing. I can do everything from home and I’m not so worried about any surprise needs to go into the office because, like I said before, everyone else is already off on holiday. Although actually I might have to go in later, we’ll have to see how capable my laptop is before I decide for sure.

Man, is it still raining? Really? Still?? Anyone else lose power last night? It went off around 1am here last night. I remember waking up because we have a carbon monoxide detecter that beeps when you plug it in, and before the power went completely out it flickered a few times and the carbon monoxide detecter was freakin the hell out.

Have I mentioned how psyched I am about the holidays yet? It’s taking practically all of my self control not to start putting out the Christmas decorations. Yeah. I’m a loser, I know. I’m OK with that though! Just wait til I start playing the Christmas music. Nate is so gonna be lovin life then!

Ok. Back to work.

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