Christmas Tree, Anyone?

I want to know who is getting a Christmas tree this year.

 I haven’t had one since I moved out of my parents’ house to go to college but this year I’m determined! Nate keeps telling me we’re not having one, but I think he’s just saying that because he knows how badly I want one and he thinks it’s funny to torment me. He’s sweet like that sometimes.

We’re also kind of worried about what the pets might potentially do to it. Will the cats eat it? Will the dogs eat it? Will they knock it down, make a mess, break the ornaments? We’re not sure it’s safe to get a tree but I sooooo want one!

I think I’m wearing him down. This evening he offered to trade the cats for a tree. That’s better than not having one at all, right?! (haha) 🙂

So tell me tree stories. Who has both trees and pets that coexist peacefully?

4 thoughts on “Christmas Tree, Anyone?

  1. I don’t think its possible. If you do get one though, don’t put anything other than water in the bowl or your animals will be poisoned. That miracle-grow-keep-the-tree-alive-an-extra-month potion that you can put in there is not pet friendly.


  2. Rachel

    We had a tree last year, two cats and a dog, no trouble. (or at least very little, we don’t put glass ornaments on the bottom)

    We’re getting ours this weekend!


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