Doggie Chaos

Yesterday when I got home from work I was so excited about the weekend. Not for any special weekend, I was just really looking forward to not working for 2 days. The usual. So first thing I do is go upstairs to let the dogs out of their crates and as I approached the door,  I saw a shadow. The shadow of someone who was not in her crate.


Layne was out of her crate. I have no idea how except that I must have not latched her crate all the way. She ate SO much. She pushed the closet open and opened drawers.


She ate biscuits, rawhides, turkey jerky. She pried the lid off the peanut butter container and licked that out. She’s no longer the skinny dog in the house! It looks like she swallowed a beach ball and then inflated it. Poor stupid kid!


I’m sure Gouda was distraught with Layne all over the room and he couldn’t get out and she was eating all those treats and he couldn’t get out and OH THE HORROR!

We also noticed that Layne had rubbed the top of her nose raw.  Not sure if that was while she was open her crate, opening the rawhide drawers, opening the peanutbutter jar. Did I mention that she somehow got the lid screwed onto the peanut butter jar off? Beacuse she did.


Oddly enough nothing important was destroyed and there were no accidents. Good thing they’re cute!


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