Big Day for Football

So is everyone watching the game today? It’s only like the biggest college rivalry ever and most anticipated game of the season.

Oh yeah, and OSU is playing Michigan later too.


NCSU @ UNC 12:00 on CBS

Mich @ OSU 3:00 on ABC

Plus like 5 bazillion other big games! Football season is winding down.. then what will I do!?

UPDATE: So UNC won. I can’t really say I’m surprised. NCSU can beat great teams like Boston College and Florida State, but they can’t beat a team that’s only won one game all season. Nothing new.

Fortunately OSU won and MAN was it close. Trying to decide what game to watch next. Seriously, what am I going to do on weekends with no college football!?

6 thoughts on “Big Day for Football

  1. Rachel


    Carolina can’t beat anyone else, but we can always beat state!! Too bad they canned our coach

    and you could start watching basketball.


  2. Rachel – yeah, I think that might have something to do with that “can’t beat anyone else” part.. 🙂

    Dave – I think college football kicks college basketball’s ass. I’ll start following it after I fill out the fantasy playoff thingie.


  3. College football doesn’t even have a real championship. They use a flawed, corrupt system and let a computer decide their champ. That’s not a sport its a conspiracy.


  4. I always have to go for college basketball over college football. Football is just something I’ve never been able to get into! Pity about NCSU (and I say that with as much sarcasm as possible)! David feels your pain though.


  5. Football as a conspiracy.. haha that’s a new one! 🙂

    Di – I wasn’t able to get into football either really, until the whole fantasy league thing. I think my need to be right (about the outcome of the games) is what does it for me. And for some reason I really haven’t been too discouraged by my massive losing streak this season.


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