And That’s How I Ended Up Covered in Blood

Ok, so maybe “covered” is bit of an exageration..

There was a minor mishap on the blood bus this morning and homehow I wound up with blood splattered on my shirt. Fortunately it was mine. The nurse apologized profusely but really I’m not worried about the shirt. It’s like 8 years old and I hardly ever wear it except on kind of slacker days, which I’m totally having today.

The good news is that I think the blood distracts people from the bad hair day I’m having courtesy of the rain. The rain and maybe the fact that I didn’t brush it before I dried it this morning.. but if anyone asks it’s totally the rain.

So blood stains, right? I’m gonna toss this shirt into the wash tonight and see what I can do, but I’m not holding my breath. Blood or not I’ll still wear it around the house. It adds character, right??

This shirt had its hayday back when I was a freshman in college and had purple streaks in my hair and thought dragons on my sleeve were totally cool in that “non conformist” kind of way, even though the shirt is from Abercrombie.

Umm.. yeah.

So anyways, my bloody shirt:


And closer:


And yes, I did get a hair cut, thanks for asking! I’ve just been waiting for a Good Hair Day before I posted a picture. I got it cut Oct 31, so that has to tell you something about how often I have good hair days!

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