Yard Work is Awesome!

It’s funny, because when my husband and I were house hunting, we wanted a big yard. The bigger the better. We actually looked at a houes that had .9 acres. Fortunately it was far, far away from everything, on a street with heavy traffic, with a strange shaped yard and the inside of the house just plain smelled funny. However, the thought of .9 acres? Mmmm, it was nice. So much space for the dogs, for us, for.. umm.. mowing?

Yeah, so back to reality where we own a house on .12 acres. Our yard is small, and thank goodness! We’ve recently started trying to grow grass, because when we moved in what used to be pretty green grass had turned into brown sraw looking grass. So we had someone aerate and we’re tossing seed out like all the time (we did fertilize). Is it possible to over seed? God I hope not.

So in addition to this grass we’re desperately wanting, we’ve been raking. And raking and raking because for .12 acres we sure seem to have a LOT of trees that have a LOT of leaves. To look at the trees you wouldn’t even think they were missing leaves, but then to look at our lawn you’d think that leaves were the new pinebark and no wonder we can’t grow grass, the leaves are blocking the sun. Duh.

So to anyone else who has a yard, or has ever had a yard, can you offer any grass growing suggestions? There used to be grass, so we know grass is possible.. but we seeded like 3 weeks ago and we’re hardly seeing anything. Is that normal?

Also, it’s really hard taking pictures of baby grass.


2 thoughts on “Yard Work is Awesome!

  1. I know when my husband seeds this time of year in NJ he covers it with hay, so they seeds stay put.
    Other then that I know he waters very often.

    That is as far as my grass expertise goes.


  2. Rachel

    seed turfbuild (with a spreader) now, grass in spring.

    I’ve given up on raking, Todd keeps doing it (it’s his first house, what can I say) and like the next day you can’t even tell.

    AND we have a pool to deal with. That still hasn’t bee closed for the winter.


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