My Dogs are Stupid: Part 256

Another dog story?


Do I not have anything better to talk about?



So anyways earlier this week when I was in the shower before work, I could hear the dogs playing in the bedroom because Layne was getting all sassy and barky. I heard Layne yelp so I yelled for them to cool it. Of course they totally listened. Not. Next thing I knew Layne was wailing, screaming really, in pain so I jumped out of the shower and ran towards them because they were still going at it.

Or so I thought.

When I got there I realized she had gotten her bottom jaw stuck in his collar. She bites it sometimes to try and throw him down, and apparently this time it backfired. So she was screaming bloody murder in that “OMG MY MOUTH IS STUCK THE WORLD IS OVER! OVER I TELL YOU! WAAHHHH” because she’s a drama queen kind of way.

So I unclipped his collar (thank god we bought the snap off kind) and she was instantly quiet. And submissive and clingy and spent the rest of my shower curled up on the bathmat looking pitifully at me. I mean, her life was almost over (IT’S ALL OVER OMG HELP! HEEELLLLLPPPPPPP!) and all I could do was pat her on the head and get back into the shower? How dare I not cuddle her and reassure her that everything was fine. Please.

I figured they’d forget about it pretty quickly and they were back to normal that night.. but the rest of the week? Every morning before I get in the shower I take off their collars and instantly they stop playing and spend my entire shower on the floor in the bathroom. Then I put the collars back on and they’re back to normal. I’m not sure if they remember, or if they think something is wrong and that’s why I take the collars off, but it’s kind of funny.


And in other cute furry news, as I’m typing this Tili is staring intently at my mouse pointer, waiting for it to entertain her.