Enough with the Boxes

Holy crap, people that just moved in down the street from me. I mean, I didn’t even know the house was for sale but then one day there were boxes. A lot of boxes. A lot of boxes sitting OUTSIDE of the house on the front walk. I mean ok.. so they just moved in and I’ve heard from neighborhood gossip that they moved in not under the best circumstances that I won’t go into so I cut them some slack. But really. Two weeks later and the boxes are still there only they’ve moved like 15 whole feet to the end of the driveway. I’m not sure who they expect to come pick up those boxes, but there is no Box Fairy in Cary and they will not take themselves to the dump unless you pay the town of Cary like $15 or something to pick them up, which might be what they’re doing but judging by the fact that 2 weeks later the boxes are still there, I’m guessing they’re holding out hope for the previously mentioned Fairy.

If I were a better person I would go over and introduce myself, but I prefer to meet people outside of their house rather than knocking on the door, and I think the whole “Welcome Wagon” ship has sailed since it’s been several weeks. I also think the “Welcome Wagon” ship is who collected what little information I have in the first place. I just hate that the boxes are sitting outside for atleast 2 weeks.

Tomorrow is trash/recycle day. Who wants to take a guess as to whether or not the boxes get picked up. I’m guessing not. We’ll see!

PS – don’t forget to vote tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Enough with the Boxes

  1. Rachel

    at least our empty boxes our contained on our screened in porch. Our neighbor can see them, though, and I’m sure they’re annoying the heck out of her.


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