My Fantasy Football Strategy

Otherwise known as: How to not win.

Last year, I rocked the College Football Fantasy League I was in. Note the word “Champion” and the picture of a shiny trophy.


This year, I suck. I’m in 5th place out of 10 people, 2 of them haven’t made picks the past like 4 weekends so I don’t even think they count. It is not pretty.

Generally I go ahead and make my picks on Thursday, sometimes Friday.

First I go through and select all of my “usual” teams. I have a lot.

  • NC State (obviously)
  • Ohio State
  • University of Louisville
  • Georgia Tech
  • University of Georgia
  • Notre Dame
  • Whoever is playing against Carolina

Sometimes they let me down, sometimes not, but I would feel too awful rooting against most of them, except Notre Dame who I will occasionally (and usually incorrectly) after much (too much) consideration. This week I got lucky because picking Notre Dame satisfied two of my usual picks. Unfortunately NCSU is playing GA Tech and I cannot pick them both. I’m stickin with my Wolf Pack and crossing my fingers. GO PACK! I’m such a loyal fan…

So anyways, that covers a couple of the games but then the rest of them.. ugh.. I never keep track of how well people are doing.. so I’ll see someone is ranked #5 and playing against someone I’ve never heard of and I’ll pick the ranked team and they’ll get their butt kicked. That’s normally when Nate say something like, “Yeah they’ve been playing like crap lately” and I’m kicking myself for not doing more (any) research before making my picks.

So here I am again, making my picks.. Glancing at the schedule in case any of the teams have played anyone in common and then crossing my fingers. Apparently my beginners luck has totally worn off.