Trick or Treat!

We decided to buy candy and do the whole trick or treat thing, thinking maybe it would help Layne get used to the door bell.

 The first kid was kind of creepy, and tall, and I’m not entirely sure he wasn’t too old to be trick or treating but whatever. I opened the door, he was wearing a mask and breathing all hard. I would guess he was like 14 or 15, and by himself. Then he went running across the yard. It was strange. The rest of the kids have been pretty cute though,and very polite! I love the ones that are kind of too young to really know what’s going on. And they sort of just stand there, looking cute, and looking at you, and looking at Mommy and looking at the candy, and not quite knowing what to do.

The dogs on the other hand are doing their best impression of “we’re good dogs” sitting at the baby gate wagging their tales all “don’t worry, I won’t maul the small children”-like.

Unfortunately it hasn’t quite been the parade of kids that I had imagined when I bought a shit-ton of candy. I mean it’s a LOT. I live in a neighborhood where I see kids everywhere, all the time, and for some reason they’re not knocking down my door, which sucks. I don’t think it’s safe to leave all this candy in my hands!


So not safe.

3 thoughts on “Trick or Treat!

  1. Rachel

    I’m having the same problem. I bought a ton of candy and I had a grand total of 4 kids. They were super cute, though!! Fortunately, I’m a teacher, so I have a built in way to get rid of it.


  2. Yeah, we bought 2 of those Nestle mix bags containing 102 pieces of candy each. I always overestimate how much I’ll need.. so we have 1.5 bags left. I’ll have to ramp up the exercising to counter the chocolate eating!


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