The End is Near

The end of the bathroom painting saga, that is. After much wallpaper stripping, hole patching, wall sanding, cursing, toilet breaking with some more wall patching and sanding thrown in there just because there was so much how could I not notice the GAPING HOLES I missed the first 4 times I patched the walls in there? Last night we taped the edges and bought a new toilet seat*. Tonight I’m buying paint and then by tomorrow this whole “bathroom painting” thing will be but a fond memory. Because I will quickly forget what a huge pain in the ass it was once I’m ready to start a new project and I’ll be saying things like “Come on honey, how hard can it be to ___? I mean we got that bathroom whipped into shape, no problem!”

*Seriously, the toilet seat did not survive the bathroom painting drama. Totally broken. It was always kind of loose in the first place, but it couldn’t handle the constant abuse of me standing, sitting, leaning etc while stripping paper around the toilet and it totally broke. For anyone who is interested, Lowes sells toilet seats starting at $4.47. Who knew!

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