A Concert and Shopping and Crab Legs, Oh My!

Off to Myrtle Beach tonight to see Alice in Chains at the House of Blues. They’re Nate’s favorite band and now that they have a new lead singer he’s psyched about seeing them.

Then tomorow we’ll hit the outlets! Yay shopping! This is where I try and convince Nate that Layne will totally want that pink coach collar for only like $15 even though we just got them new collars from petsmart for like $5.

The dogs are off to Pupsi, which they loved last time so I’m sure they won’t mind. Some dogs I’ve seen going back into places like that are all sad looking at the parent dropping them off like “WHY MEEEEE??” and resisting. My dogs are all like “Whatever, by mom, come back if you feel like it” and head off to the back without even looking at me. It’s awesome.

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