A Few Things


You mean that’s still around?

Ha. Kidding.

Sort of.. Seriously though, what’s with Fox showing the World Series and taking away shows like House, and Prison Break, and… well.. House and Prison Break! What am I going to watch on Monday (nothing) and Tuesday (Gilmore Girls) without them?!

Hot Potato – Defect Style

So yesterday at work a tester filed a defect against something of mine because my code prevented it from installing on a mahcine.

This is because the piece that is installing isn’t supposed to be installed on that machine. According to the software developers. But what do they know? I returned the defect saying that’s what it’s supposed to do!

Apparently the software developers were wrong though. This morning the defect had been re-opened. I mean he was able to get the software to install without my code, so that MUST mean it’s supposed to be installed on that machine and obviously I have no idea what I’m talking about.

I returned his defect again. I mean really. Just because you can get it installed, doesn’t mean it won’t hose up when you try and run it!

So we’ll see if I get it back tomorrow. Fortunately, I mostly love my job.


I cannot let the bathroom beat me.

1. Remove final pieces of wallpaper
2. Scrub walls. Scrub them HARD because man those people used a lot of glue
3. Patch holes. Sure they’re small, but when there are like 500 of them the task seems a little intimidating
4. Prime walls. Maybe even before patch holes. I haven’t decided which would be better yet.
5. Paint
6. All Done!

 Attn Drivers:

If you’re on a four lane road with a median and a bus going the OTHER DIRECTION stops, you don’t have to!

6 thoughts on “A Few Things

  1. Officer Tron Carter

    As a member of law enforcement, I would suggest that you stop for all buses. Including DATA, MARTA, and C-Tran.


  2. You’re more likely to get killed stopping for a bus that is travelling the other direction than not stopping. I guarantee more people get hurt because some idiot stops when they don’t have to as opposed to some idiot running out in front of a car after getting off the bus. And really, if your name isn’t Frogger, you shouldn’t be dodging traffic anyway. Once that bus lets off the break, I’m revving up my engine and taking off.


  3. And oh yeah, Erin, don’t forget that Nip/Tuck comes on Tuesday nights. You could always stay up late to watch that if you are jonesing for some good TV. 🙂


  4. Officer Tron Carter? Very funny, NATE! HA! My baby is funny.. I’ll be sure to stop for Marta next time I’m driving on the elevated track in Atlanta!

    Dave – I’d love to watch Nip/Tuck, but it’s SO past my bedtime!


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