What Disposal Fee?

So after the heating guy was finished yesterday (at 12pm) he came up to have me sign the paperwork and the conversation went something like this:

Heater Guy: If you could just sign here. And there is an $85 disposal fee.

Me: For the disposal of what? (Translation: for $85 it better be something good)

Heater Guy: The parts we replaced. (Translation: Idiot)

Me: How are they being disposed of? (Translation: Can I do this myself?)

Heater Guy: We have a scrap guy come on a weekly basis to pick stuff up. (Translation: Make your point already)

Me: Is this any different than say, taking them to the dump? (Translation: can I do this myself?)

Heater Guy: No. (Translation: No.)

Me: So can I take them to the dump myself? (Translation: $85 what?!)

Heater Guy: Yes. (Why would you want to do that?) You want to keep them? (I’ve never had anyone question the fee)

Me: Yes please. (Why am I going to pay you $85 when I can drive them over myself for less than $1 in gas?!)

Obviously I was not good at making my point. Basically after talking to the home warranty people (when they told me they don’t cover disposal fees) and having them tell me that maybe there was some coolant on the parts somehow, I was just fishing to make sure that the parts weren’t going to be toxic and I wasn’t going to look like an idiot for wanting to do it myself. Like I know anything about heaters? Not hardly.

It annoys me that they just act like the $85 part is part of the charge and why would anyone want to drive to the dump by themselves when they can pay someone $85 to pay someone else to pick the stuff up? I mean seriously.

One thought on “What Disposal Fee?

  1. That guy is super shady. I bet that “fee” rarely gets reported. Its probably his pocket change that he skims off the top of his workplace. Either way he’s a @#$@#@%


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