One Room Left

We got the master bedroom painted last night, which means for now we only have one room left to paint. (We’ve decided that the game room wallpaper is non-hideous enough to leave for now). We have the master bath left. There is more wall paper to strip, holes to fill etc.. but still. One.Room.Left. It’s amazing! Hopefully later I’ll be able to put up pictures this weekend, but for now I’m working from home while someone fixes something in my heater.

He got here at 8:15 and said “I have another guy coming to help me in about an hour but I’ll do as much as I can by myself until then.” and I thought “an hour? this will take over an hour?” as I am completely unaware of the ins and outs and time requirements of replacing heating stuff. So now it’s 10:40 and I’m not sure what time the second guy got here, but it seemed like over an hour.. and the dogs are hovering over the air vents because they can hear the guys outside.

Oh, and my cats are totally cuddling on the dog bed. My cats who have never so much slept closer than 2 feet apart before are cuddling. On the dog bed. Layne is somewhat distressed, mostly because I won’t let her sniff them, but they seem content and who am I to argue with cuteness?

Speaking of cats, I need to remember to go back to the vet (because I was there yesterday to get other stuff) to pick up more dental cat treats. Crap.