Never Before

Have I ever seen my cats not chowing down once I fill the chow bowls.

Today Nate and I went to my parents’ house where my aunt got married today. At my parents’ house. It was a nice little ceremony, family only. Then we went to dinner, spent time just hanging out at my parents house and then when we realized how late it was and that the pets hadn’t eaten, we came home. Of course as soon as we stepped out of their house it thundered and we knew it was a race against the rain to get the dogs out before Gouda would have a crisis and not want to potty.

So we raced home, got the dogs out, fed them and I fed the cats. After putting chow in their bowls, they were of course all over it, but by the time I got upstairs I had two cats behind me. Weird. So I went downstairs and looked at the bowls and they were full. And there were no cats. I’ve never seen that happen before in this house. The best that we can figure is that the thunder freaked them out, because it was a good 10 minutes before they finally went back out to inhale their food.