So after having a headache for like 3 days on Thursday I finally decided to go to the doctor’s office. I’d tried tylenol, I’d tried toughing it out, and I think that’s entirely too long to have a stupid headache. So I went to the doctor, answered some questions, and my doctor thinks it’s a migraine. A hormone induced migraine. So as it seemed to be winding down some on Thurs I’ve taken some excedrin migraine and I feel almost completely normal now. Mostly, and after this week that’s good enough for me! So now we get to start trying to balance my hormones, which I’m sure will be fun but in theory it should all work out well. I’ll take birth control, skip my period and never have the mean migraine inducing hormones. Works for me!

The downside? (Asside from the obvious headache..) I have to go to Wake Med on Monday for a head CT. I’m a little nervous, just beacuse.. brain scan seems intimidating. So hopefully it’ll go well. It’ll definitely be a first for me!

But for right now? Yay no more headache! Seriously, it was on my last nerve and I really could not take it any more. Yay excedrin!

2 thoughts on “Migraines

  1. Yep, sounds like a migraine. I sometimes get headaches that last for four or five days. I haven’t had one that serious for about six months now. I tried several migraine medications, but they were giving me undesirable side effects (extreme sleepiness and tingling in my hands and feet). I’m glad you’re feeling better. It is SUCH a relief when it finally passes!


  2. Lisa

    My sister has been having migraines for years based on her hormones/cycle. She is currently on pill/birth control something that makes her only have her period every 3 or 4 months. She tried changing a bunch of different pill for bc and for migraines…this one has been the most successful to date. If you want to know more on her situation, just email and I’ll tell ya what I can! Hope all else is well!


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