More Wallpaper Suckage

So the full bath upstairs is almost ready to be painted. I patched the holes tonight and hopefully will get it primed tomorrow. I can’t wait to have it finished because that means I can get all of the bathroom stuff out of the guest room and it’ll actually look like a guestroom again!

My mom started stripping wallpaper in the master bath. We thought this would be easy since they didn’t paint over it and we knew it wasn’t stuck straight to the drywall, it was painted first.


Why is none of this stuff easy!? What did those people do when they put up wallpaper?! Ugh!

So maybe it’ll be done by next month, because the peeling was not going quickly. After that though? We’ll be done with walls for a while! The only room that would be left would be the master bedroom, which Nate is going to work on painting this week, and the game room, which is not entirely ugly and therefore welcome to stay while we do other things, like try and grow grass. And maybe put new laminate flooring in the kitchen. And more stuff in the back yard, and the list in my head keeps growing! 🙂