New Kitchen Paint

So this past week was spent filling holes, taping edges, priming and then painting the kitchen, and let me tell you.. I think I’m in love! It’s so much better than it was. Nate and I both can’t stop staring at it. Beautiful.

Funny thing too, today we ran over to the grocery store and ran into the woman we bought the house from and her daughter. Asside from their horrible color choices/cleaning habits they really were nice people. We chatted for a minute and I thought it was kind of funny when the daughter said that her room is painted black because the girl that lived there before them was goth. Then the mom said they had gotten the dining room painted and the kids were already wanting to paint their rooms. Ha! Good luck covering that black!

Childish? Yes. But I’m ok with that.

Remember before?


See after!


4 thoughts on “New Kitchen Paint

  1. Holy crap… when I lived in the townhouse with asshat the kitchen had a terrible border and was a terrible blue like that.. and I painted it almost the EXACT shade of yellow… Great Minds I guess..


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