Pink Eye

My dogs have pink eye. I never really thought it was kennel cough, because Gouda had kennel cough once. He coughed. A lot. He threw up a lot too because of how much he was coughing. This was just the eyes. I just knew they were due for their kennel cough booster so I thought maybe it was related. It was not.

I was telling my mom about their eyes when she said maybe it was pink eye. We wondered if dogs could even get pink eye, but thanks to google, we learned they could. And they did. So one moderately expensive vet trip later, they ruled out eye hernias, they ruled out a scratched cornea, they narrowed it down to pink eye. I realize they’re just doing their job and all, but I think the chance of 2 dogs that live together having pink eye would be a LOT greater than the chance that those two dogs would both have coincidently have scratched their corneas or developed eye hernias at the exact same time. Call me crazy.

So now we’re on drops. They love it. Really. Ok, maybe not really. As of this morning though, it looks like Layne has it in both eyes now, so she gets to love the drops a little extra for the next 7-10 days.

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