I Have a Life I Swear!

I just noticed that the last 3 posts were about my pets. I thought that was kind of sad. I do have a life outside of pets. Honest!

This week my life outside of pets will be painting the kitchen. We cannot take the blue any more. The blue has to go. Evil, evil shiny ugly blue. I want my kitchen to be pretty! So there will probably be pictures of the process. Tonight we start filling holes, sanding shiny, and stuff like that. Tomorrow we’ll hopefully tackle priming. We even got the primer tinted to match the paint to help make the whole thing look better. We’re hoping to have it completed by the weekend, at which time we will be basking in the glory that is a freshly painted room and a sense of accomplishment.

Please god let me not paint the ceiling.

Haha, I’m kidding mom, I’m a good painter, I swear! Don’t worry! 🙂