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Wednesday was yearly kitty vet trip day. The day when two kitties get stuffed into a box and are taken to HELL. Or atleast I’m pretty sure that’s what they’re thinking. Colby howls, and Tili just waits her turn sitting around looking stoned and growling at the wall. Because walls are evil. In her defense, she actually is drugged. An hour before every vet trip, Tili receives a sedative which generally barely makes it possible for the vet to examine her and give her the shots.

Fortunately, I was able to trick Nate into going this year, assuring him that it was easy and all he had to do was carry my fat cats (who have lost a total of 5lbs between them. Yay!) That, and be emotionally supportive as I freaked out watching them trying to examine my poor little orange baby as she struggled, spit, hissed, clawed, growled, and did everything else imaginable to scare away the vet. Overall, this was a successful trip. Tili got most of her exam completed before the vet deemed her finished. She got shots, she got the physical exam, she did not get the dewormer that Colby got or get her temperature taken, her EKG thingie done, nor did she get the normal anal swab for a poo sample. That’s how freaked out she was. Even on drugs they could not control her enough for that stuff. So instead I got to deworm her at home yesterday. I felt bad. These pills were BIG.

Of course, this year we also learned that SOMEONE has gingivitis and lots of plaque on their teeth. As Murphy’s law would have it, Tili has the bad teeth. So sometime next month I’m going to have to take her in to get bloodwork, then take her back in to get her teeth cleaned. Of course I probably could have saved myself some money and had the bloodwork done yesterday, but she was already back in the taxi and I thought it would be better to bring her in a separate time as opposed to dragging her back out of the taxi to get the bloodwork. She was PISSED! The vet made a few teeth-health suggestions. One of them was to give her crowns of a sort, that would require a weekly reapply type thing from me. Like I’m really going to be able to get my hand into my cat’s mouth on a weekly basis to apply a sealant? HA! So we got dental treats instead and I might try brushing her teeth in the future. She loves real toothbrushes, so maybe I can make that work for me, because kitty dental visits? Not cheap! Good thing I like my pets!

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  1. My cats are freaks and actually kind of enjoy the vet. Ginger lays around the vet’s office like she owns the place and Lily just meows a lot. I was told to start brushing their teeth and got these little tiny cute cat toothbrushes.


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