Making a Comeback

I was never a big football fan, and then Nate talked me into joining the 2005 fantasy college football league last year. I was the 2005 champion in our league (although Nate swears up and down he won in “total points,” it says I was the champion so I’m going with that).

So it’s week two, and while I was one of three or four tied for second last week, I’m making a comeback! Nate is Car Ramrod (don’t ask, I don’t know) and I edited someone’s screen name, because it was profane, but I think you can guess which one is ME!


2 thoughts on “Making a Comeback

  1. kimmy

    car ramrod!?! that’s awesome! i really want to see beerfest…i’ve heard it’s hilarious! my favorite part of supertroopers is near the end….”are you drunk?!” “drunk enough to kick your ***!” hahahhaah i love it!


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